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According to Hindu mythology, a Wooden home temple or Pooja mandir is considered to be the purest and most favorable for home made of wood. Introduce a wooden home temple or pooja mandir into your abode, and give a designated place to your gods. This will endow the home with good luck, prosperity, and calm. Wooden Street is aware that wood is the most prosperous material for building this solid wood pooja mandir for home.

So for our customers, we have a number of wooden home temples online. This will instill holiness and good spiritual vibes in the household. We have a talented team of interior designers to instruct you on how to install this piece of furniture in the abode to achieve maximum positivity and tranquility. We have everything in store to serve the purpose you are looking for, from already made to custom-made Sheesham wood home temples or wooden mandir!!

Designer wooden temple for home

Hindu Shastras state, building a wooden pooja mandir temple inside the home ejects all sorts of iniquitous forces from the premise and makes the aura suit. So, update it if you don’t have it at home. There are countless pooja mandir designs available online, these days. The elegance of these wooden temples for home or mandir for home is mesmerizing from custom-made traditional samples to the rich contemporary silhouettes and can bring serenity to your location. With an endless number of choices, a simple pick is to get the one to compliment your interiors.

Beautiful Wooden Temple or Pooja Mandir

Wood’s beauty is without words to describe its purity. A beautiful wooden temple pooja mandir for home is an embodiment of positive energy, faith and a source of tranquillity. A wood-carved shrine stands for sacredness and makes the pooja effective. Today the creative wall elegantly mounted pooja mandir for home catering an aesthetic appeal and compliance with the rest of the furniture stuff. The small wooden temple furniture, available in many finishes such as teak, honey, mahogany, and walnut, can unabashedly transform your secluded corner into a tranquil worship area.

Pranjals House Beautiful Wooden Temple/Pooja Mandir

Pooja Mandir

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It is a beautiful hand-painted wooden temple, hand-built by artists from Rajasthani. It has two drawers to hold accessories made from pooja. What makes it unique embossed painting is the special blue-white golden embossing work. The size is 37 cm in length, 20 cm in width, 45 cm in height. Do comparisons with your idols/place where you want to position the temple before making a final purchase to make sure it fits your requirements.

Key Features

  • Material: Wooden
  • Package Contents: 1 Wooden Temple
  • Item Size – 15 x 8 x 18 INCH Lx Wx H
  • Number of Drawers: 2
  • Completely Hand Painted, Wall-mounted it can be hanged on the wall.

Home and Bazaar Rajasthani Ethnic Handcrafted Wooden

Pooja Ghar

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Add this beautiful Home and Bazaar temple to your Pooja place. Do measures with your idols/places where you want to place the temple to make sure it suits your requirements before making a final purchase. There might be a little variation in color and design as these are handcrafted.

Key Features

  • It’s a beautiful hand-painted wooden temple painted by hand from Home and Bazaar.
  • It has a drawer for keeping pooja accessories.
  • Material : – Mango Wood + MDF. Size: 38x20x45 Cm / 15x8x18 Inch
  • Wall-mounted it can be hanged on wall.
  • 100% Handmade pure Rajasthani art.

7CR Art and Craft Wooden Temple

Craft Wooden Temple

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7CR Home / Handcrafted Home Decorative Itemization Gifts Show Piece Item Art and Craft Wooden Temple.

Key Features

  • Brand: 7CR (Brand Of Luxury And High-Quality Products)
  • Material: 100% High-Density MDF Wood
  • Size : 13.75 X 10.75 Inches.

rs handicraft and marbles Wooden Plywood Mandir

rs handicraft

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All religious product packing: Safe & Securable. The decoration for your home and particularly the inner part of your home where not everyone feels. It is your inner feeling and spiritual connections that your loved god should receive their” “throne” “and that they are all the time on their majestic look.  Lovely Black Temple in Pooja Room For Your Beautiful Idol God. It is made from the decorated seat for god Wooden Sanmaika. Good Wooden Mandir is ideal for Pooja Hall, looks very good for Your Favorite God Idol, Home & Office Decoration at Your Building. Sure to continue all of your journeys perfectly. Office Decoration & Home Decor Nice present item for your loved ones.

Key Features

  • Product Dimensions : 52 X 41 X 23 cm
  • Extraordinarily alert, strikingly realistic and remarkably expressive

Kamdhenu art and craft Wooden Temple

Wooden Temple

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Give a traditional feel to your modern home with this Hand Mandir. It can be mounted on a wall from Kamdhenu Art And Craft.

Key Features

  • Wall-mounted it can be hanged on the wall
  • From Kamdhenu Art And Craft
  • Item Size – 18x 12 x 24INCH Lx Wx H Outer Size: Width: 46 cm, Depth: 30 cm , Height: 60 cm
  • Inner Size: Width: 45 cm, Depth: 28 cm, Height: 40 cm.

Wooden Home Temple


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Home temple-or Pooja mandir-Built by professional artists for your home with the highest quality material and artwork completed. Choose your favorite color from the options available. This item has a special feature of having an inside LED bulb given. The outer dimensions of the wooden temple are Width: 24 Inches, Depth: 12 Inches, Height: 30 Inches. Measure with your idols that you want to place inside to ensure that they fit your requirements, the inside size where you place temple idols is within dimensions Width: 18 Inch, Depth: 12 Inch, Height: 16 Inch.

Key Features

  • Has one Led Bulb Inside.
  • One drawer for keeping accessories. One Tray for keeping accessories
  • Wall-mounted as well as it can be kept on a flat floor.

Jodhpur Handicrafts Home Temple

Jodhpur Handicrafts

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Material: Wooden, Colour: Brown Box Contents: 1 Wooden Temple Outer Size: Width: 46 cm, Depth: 23 cm, Height: 56 cm, Internal Size: Width: 34 cm, Depth: 20 cm, Height: 28 cm.

Key Features

  • Color: Brown
  • Package Contents: 1 Wooden and MDF Temple, Has a led bulb Inside

Kamdhenu art and craft Wooden Home Temple Mandap

Wooden Home Temple

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Item scale-18 X 9 X 21 Inch Lx Wx H.Materilal: Wood And Mdf. Completely hand-crafted and hand-painted. Wall-mounted on a wall. Its measurements are, outer size: width: 46 cm, depth: 23 cm, height: 55 cm, inner size: width: 34 cm, depth: 22.5 cm, height: 28 cm. Do measures with your idols/place where you want to place the temple to make sure it suits your needs before making a final purchase.

Key Features

  • Item Size – 18 x 9 x 21 inch Lx Wx H
  • Material: Wood and MDF
  • Completely Handcrafted and Hand painted.
  • Wall-mounted it can be hanged on the wall

Motorik handicraft Mandir

Pooja Ghar temple

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Also known as Bhagwan Ji Temple for the house, Pooja Mandir for wall hanging with the latest design. Superior Antique Wooden Handmade mandir pooja ghar Extra space for compartment matchbox and dhupbati. Brown polished, all made of 100% wood original, it has a melamine finish on the outside which gives it an elegant and clean look of premium. Also classified as the house of God / Mandir Pooja Ghar / home temple 23X12X7 inches.

Key Features

  • Antique wood
  • No plywood or MDF
  • Wall hanging
  • Heat-treated brown polished with brass work

Brilliant Home Designs Aluminium & Copper Oxidized Home

Copper Oxidized Home

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It is a place where people can forget about their differences and come together to serve God and society. So hereby we present home temples for your well-being to bring peace and prosperity to your life. The home temple can be easily dismantled and can be assembled making it possible to use screwdriver and screws to move and rearrange. Great favorite.

Key Features

  • Aluminum Home temple with fine designs embossed on metal
  • Size- Width-12 inches/ Height-17 inches/ Breadth -7 inches
  • It is made of plywood which is season proof and fully Termite proof

Benefits of Buying Home Temple for home Online

Wood is the product of nature, and wood, is the dwelling place of gods and saints, is believed to have greater healing power. It is unquestionably robust, ensuring it will last longer. Whenever you sit in front of your wooden temple or prayer devices, you’ll hear the blessings around you reverberating. The home temple will make sure it soothes your soul too with a beautiful look.

Besides the premium wooden mandir and the work of art, they are also beneficial in many other ways. Because they are made from real wood, they give the essence of beauty a natural appearance. The high-quality wood lasts a long time and is a bang to the buck for the years ahead. A modern wooden temple unit for home or a prayer unit with imaginative demeanor endows different chests to fit any pooja stuff in the right place. Being a small furniture unit, the solid wood pooja mandir doesn’t take up much space and settles in a low, quiet area of the house.

Why you should Get Wooden Pooja Mandir Online for Home?

If you need a long-lasting and good quality pooja mandir or wooden temple for your home then Online is the best place to find the solid wooden prayer units for your home. It is written in the Hindu culture and tradition that when every member of the family is present, every pooja has to be completed. The time spent with your family together uttering the auspicious mantras will have a relieving impact. Carve out some time from your busy schedule to sit with your loved ones, meditate and vibrate.

And, keeping this in mind, with all the range of solid wood made home temple we serve you. So, get ready to decorate and decorate the walls of the pooja room with Wooden Street’s best, stylish and traditional set of prayer units. We have everything from surface mounted to wall mounted that would satisfy every individual need. Seek God’s blessings and buy the beautiful home temple online to witness the positivity and happiness it imparts.

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