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Vishnumaya temple
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Pulimanchi, Karnataka 562135
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Vishnu Maya idol with the main deity. … Lord Vishnumaya is also the main deity of Hindus in central Kerala. According to the old history, Puchanellur Battathiri first Prayed to the god Shiva and goddess Parvati. The Kanadi Kuttichathan Kavu is the most holiest and ancient Vishnumaya Temple in the state of Kerala providing relief to sorrows and showering. The present Head of the family and the Chief Priest of Kanadi Kavu, blessed by Vishnumaya and the Lord of Thriprayar, is Brahmasree VishnubharatheeyaSwami. Five decades ago, the then Chief of the temple Sree Krishnaswami, a very observant person, saw the radiance of a Yogi, just awakened from meditation, on the face of the little boy. Then through education, deep thinking, strict penance and wide and deep reading, the boy, grew up to become Brahmasree Vishnubharatheeya Swami and to be the representative of Vishnumaya. The Chief today offers solace and shows the right path to the devotees who come here irrespective of whether they are learned or illiterate, rich or poor. There is the sacred presence of the Navagrahas in the temple of Vishnumaya. The fact that at the time of consecration there was the auspicious sight of the Kite (Krishna Parunthu) in the sky, going around the place thrice, points to the presence of the Lord of Thriprayar also. It is not a small matter that for the last thirty-six years, through the divine radiance that is in him, Vishnubharatheeya Swami has been able to offer guidance to the thousands of helpless devotees who approach him for Chathan Swami’s blessings. For many years, the temple has been offering Annadanam, the most auspicious among all alms, every day. Kanadi Kavu has always been at the forefront in using the money received from the devotees at the temple for improving the well being of devotees and facilities available to the people who come there. This fact is vouchsafed by the people who have experienced it. There have been countless devotees who have come to the Kanadi Kavu to submit before the Kuttichathan their difficulties and listen to the pronouncements, over the years. They perform the rituals as per the pronouncements and receive from Swami the sanctified Mudra (Prasadam), Karushakti, Upadesamanthram and Elissa (talisman). They have all been relieved of the difficulties caused by the evil spirits and living happily with all prosperity. The number of people who arrive here seeking a remedy for the difficulties in their lives and those who come to offer their thanks for the favors they have received from here is ever on the increase. Devotees are assured of relief from the troubles that arise out of the displeasure of Chathan Swami, the troubles that are caused by the evil rituals that have been performed against them by enemies and those who are envious of them, the evil effects caused by the changing position of the nine planets, difficulties in getting a good marriage due to the unfavorable position of the planets at birth and infertility caused by the evil effect of Yakshi, Kinnara or Gandharva. Poojas according to the pronouncement should be conducted faithfully in the temple.

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