Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple

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Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple
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Sannathi Street, Thiruverkadu, Vallikollaimedu, Thiruverkadu, Tamil Nadu 600077, India
Temple overview

Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple is one of the famous Temples in south India. It is located in Vallikollaimedu, Thiruverkaduin the state of Tamil Nadu, India.  Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple is one of the arts of Devikarumari.

According to one of the Legends of this place, Once Devikarumari turned herself to an old nomadic lady and went to Sun to forecast his future. Lord Sun, Without realizing her as Devikarumari, neglected her. Devikarumari immediately disappeared in air. Then the Sun started to lose its brightness and glory. Realizing his mistake, the Sun begged for Devikarumari’s forgiveness. Then Lord Sun requested Devakumari to celebrate Sunday as Devakumari day.

Another Legend about this temple is of Two sisters by name Sundari and Sarathai were in the snake world. They both were attractive, but they could not get a suitable bridegroom. Narada came for their help and told them that the time was perfect to go to Thiruverkadu and pray to Karumari.

Both the sisters did as they were told. Devikarumari appeared and instructed to take a bath in the lake. She also asked them to drink turmeric water for one mandala and worship Sakthi. Both sisters did as per the instructions of Devi Kumari. Two princes Sambu and Balan came there and saw Sundari and Sarathai. They fell in love with each other. Sundari married Sambu and Sarathai married Balan and they lived happily ever after.

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