Thiruvannamalai Lord Siva Temple

Thiruvannamalai Lord Siva Temple
Temple overview

Thiruvannamalai Lord Siva Temple is a famour Hindhu in Tamil Nadu. In Thiruvannamalai is a temple of Lord Shiva who is also calle as Thiruvannamalai or Trinomali and Trinomalee. The Thiruvannamalai area is sourounded by 13.64 km2 (5.27 sq mi).The name Thiruvannamalai is named of the Annamalaiyar temple, Annamalaiyar.The temple is at the bottom of the Hill which is called as Girivalam. The devotees from far places come to the Temple and as it is ritual of the temple of rounding the Girivalam barefoot for almost 14kms (Pradakshine) the is ritual of the temple to render there prayers to Lord Shiva(Annamalai).
There is a famour ritual of festival called “Karthika Deepam” this Rituals are done during the November and December.Every monday of the week is said as Karthika Somwar(karthika Monday). On that days all the devotees visit tha temple about Three million piligrims. As they pray to god n they circumnavigate the hill surounded which is arround the temple and offer there prayers to god.

The temple is located at the foothills of the Annamalai hills. Thiruvannamalai Lord Siva Temple is of 25acres and it is one of the largest temple.
Temple Timings:

Timings Darshan
5.00am Temple Opening Timings
5.30am Ukshakala Pooja
6.30am-9.00am Swami Amman Milk Abhishekam
6.30am, 8.30am, 10.30am Parivar Moorthi Sannathi milk Abhishekam(each Sannidhi)
8.00 am Kala Santhi Pooja
8.30am-10.30am Panchamoorthigal Abhishekam(Vinayagar,Swami,Amman,Subramanya and Chandikeshwara
11.30am Uchikal Pooja
12.30pm Temple closing Hours
3.30pm Temple Reopening timings
5.30pm Sayaratchai Pooja
7.30pm Irandam Kala Pooja
9.00pm Arthajama Pooja
9.30pm Temple closing hours

The abouve timings Changes on special days.

Temple Timing