Rajarajeswara Temple

Temple overview

Rajarajeswara Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located in  Taliparamba, Kannur district, Kerala, India. Rajarajeswara Temple is one of the known ancient temples which is existing since 108 years ago. This temple is known for its tallest shikhara amongst all most of the temple in Kerala. The temple was renovated by Sage Parashurama before the Kali-yuga was commenced. But the temple was then renovated by the Mushika dynasty kings in the early years.

The Shiva linga here at the temple is believed that it is several thousand years. The history of the Rajarajeswara Temple says that Lord Shiva gave three sacred lingas to Parvati for worshiping it. Shiva was so pleased that he should present one of the Shiva Lingas to him. Then with the injunction that he gave should be installed only at a place where there was no cremation ground around. The Rajarajeswara Temple’s devotees believed that after searching all over found Taliparamba the most sacred spot where he installed the Shiva Linga in the place were the lingas were placed.

Everyday Temple Timing at Rajarajeswara Temple:


Timings Dharshan details
5:00 am Temple opening hours
7:00 am Natravat Pooja
8:00 am Panthiradi Pooja
9:30 am Ucha Pooja
12:00 pm Nada Adakkal, and closed
5:00 pm Temple reopens
6:00 pm Deeparadhana
7:45 pm Athazha pooja
8:30 pm Temple closing time


Temple Timing