Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Nuggehalli

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What’s so special about this place?

Nuggehalli is an ancient place which was under Cholas and Hoysalas ruling in the 12th century. The famous Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple around 900years old was built by Hoysalas in 1246AD. The historical temple dedicated to Gods Somakeshava, Venugopala and Lakshminarasimha resemble Trikutachala concept, a typical configuration in the temples constructed by Hoysalas. Though the main God here is Somakeshava, Lakshminarasimha Swamy is very famous as believed to be powerful in getting devotees wishes true and so call Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple. The temple is maintained by the people who reside around the temple area called Agrahara/ Iyengar Beedhi/SLN road. ‘Agrahara” is an area donated to Brahmins by the ruling people or Palegars in view of maintaining and performing poojas in the temples that they built

My journey experience:

Nuggehalli is an ancient village which is 18Kms north-east of Channarayapatna in Hassan DST. of Karanataka.
It is reachable from Bangalore-Mangalore highway NH48 or Bangalore-Shimoga Highway where you need to take a deviation at Tiptur which reaches Channarayapatna via Nuggehalli and the same road if you travel from Channarayapatna reaching Tiptur via Nuggehalli. Bangalore-Hirisave-Channarapatna-Mangalore roads are now very straight almost 4 lanes and suggest to take this route.

Other nearby visiting places are

1.Navile Nageshwara temple (15Kms from there)
2.Shravanabelagola(28Kms from there)
3.Dhasarighatta Chowdeshwari temple(22Kms from there)

My experience with this place:

Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple at Nuggehalli is a beautiful historical place reminding the rich cultural heritage of Hoysala dynasty. This Hoysala style temple is built on a star-shaped platform of around 4ft height and most of the Hoysala temples follow the same concept. You can find three avatars, Trikutachala(Keshava, Lakshminarasimha, Gopala) of Lord Vishnu in one place which is very special in Hoysala temples.
Though is a very unknown place to may of the people we can see a huge crowd during weekends. Its a family is diety to most of the devotees. A grand celebration of Rathothsava happens every year during April-May nearing Sri Rama Navami and very special on Hunnime (Full moon day)

Tips or Suggestions:
1. Take Bangalore-Mangalore Highway to reach Nuggehalli taking a deviation to right immediately after Hirisavae
2.Nitya Pooja at 10 AM and 7 PM every day
3.For booking special Sevas or poojas contact temple Prohits 4 days before you plan to go there.
Anil: 9845736414
Ramaswamy: 9901317547
4.No good hotels/Food points at Nuggehalli, so plan to pack your food if Prasadha is not available at the temple.
Entry route:
Bangalore-Mangalore Road NH48.
1.Bangalore->Kunigal->Hirisave(After 0.5 Kms you can take right opp. KPTCL MUSS station which leads to Nuggehalli around 14-16kms from there)the total distance would be 136Kms from Bangalore.
2.Bangalore->Kunigal->Hirisave->Channarayapatna (1.5 Kms before reaching Channarayapatna take right and reach Nuggehalliwhich is around 16 Kms) Route 1 is advisable if traveling from Bangalore and Rout 2 if traveling from the opposite end (Hassan/Mangalore).
Exit route:
You can reach back to Channarayapatna for NH48 or reach Tiptur covering Navile Nageshwara temple and Dhasarighatta Chowdeshwari temple. From Tiptur you can reach Bangalore via Tumkur (Shimoga-Bangalore route NH206)
Address: SLN Road / Iyengar Street Nuggehalli , Channarayapattana.
Temple Timings
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm
7:30 am - 5:30 pm

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