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kabbalamma temple
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Kabbalu, Ramanagara, Karnataka 562126, India, Ramanagara 562126
Temple overview

Kabbalamma Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Shakti. It is located in Village Kabbal, Ramanagara district, Karnataka, India. The temple is a famous temple for the most dedicated goddess Shakti. In Ramanagara district devotees worshiped the goddess Shakti as “Kabbalamma”. The Kabbalamma Temple is the only around more than 28 villages. The history says that the goddess Kabbalamma wanted a place to reside, by that she reached the village Kannalu. Then the village god Basaveshwara gave permission which was asked by  Kabbalamma to reside there. But it was said that pooja will be done first to god  Basaveshwara and than Kabbalamma.

History of Shree Kabbalamma Temple

Kabbalamma Temple

Only recently, the temple has become prominent outside its surrounding area. The village and fort are named after the site’s presiding deity. It is known for about 28 villages in this area as the only major Hindu temple, so it has always been a very significant worship site locally.

Legend and Rituals

Devotees come to this temple in many places to try fulfillment and solutions. It is believed that those who want a good marriage or well-being for their spouse can come to this shrine to offer prayers. The resident bull is also an important part of the more recent myths surrounding the temple, and many come as a symbol of the lord for the blessings of this animal.

This resident bull or Basaveshwara is associated with an unusual ritual. A devotee who wants to give the bull should sleep on the floor, allowing the bull to step over him or her. Even little kids are made to lie in front of the horse. Devotees often attach currency bundles to the bull’s horns as a part of the offerings or as an expression of gratitude for the wishes received.

Festivals and Architecture

Kabbalamma Temple

As one enters the temple, a rocky dome’s backdrop provides the foil for the shrine’s high mandapa’s white obelisk building. The temple is surrounded by walls and an arch for sports. The most striking features of this temple, constructed in a Dravidian architectural style, are the pillared mandapa and the gopuras.

In a statue, the temple’s central shrine, the main deity is represented. Certain sculptures include a Nandi or horse, and one of the temple’s attractions is also a small wooden rath or chariot. There is a large space in front of the temple to stage festivals. The temple is decorated with intricate stone sculpture from the gateway to the mandapas, representing the many images and stories of the deity-related mythology.

The biggest festival at the Shree Kabbalamma Temple is the Kabbalamma Jatre, celebrated by the many devotees, most of them from the surrounding area, with a lot of fanfare. The deity is borne on a rath or chariot during this festival and brought around the village for a procession before returning. Devotees are all seeking to be part of the pulling team as it is believed to be auspicious.

Nearest Transport to reach  Kabbalamma Temple:

By Air

Kabbal village’s closest airport is 114 kilometers from Bangalore International Airport. The best route to the temple from the airport is NH209.

By Rail

Bangalore East (84 km), Bangalore Cantonment (81 km) and City Railway Station (80 km) are the nearest railway stations.

By Road

Taking the NH209 for 80 kilometers south to fly by road from Bangalore to Kabbal; this route falls on the way to Mysore. To find your way to Kabbal, you can catch a bus to Channapatna, Kanakapura or Ramanagram. The village is 22 kilometers from Channapatna and 15 kilometers from Kanakapura.

Kabbalamma Temple

Karnataka’s beauty lies not just in its ancient cities and the new capital city. It is always recommended to dig deeper into the local curiosities and landmarks that surround the vast region to learn more about this place’s history. The state villages contain some vivid and colorful secrets, giving a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage. A visit to the Temple of Shree Kabbalamma takes you to a cornerstone that blends religious philosophy, architecture, and natural beauty.

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