Sonar Gouranga Temple

Sonar Gouranga Temple
Temple overview

Sonar Gouranga Temple(located in the left side of Chakratirtha road, Puri, Oddisa India) is a beautiful temple which is more famous for its ambience that is the atmosphere, compared to Sri Jagannath temple the Sonar Gouranga Temple is not that big but because of its atmosphere its worth visiting. The Sonar Gouranga Temple is well known for its peaceful atmosphere. An unique feature which attracts the devotees of Sonar Temple is that the statue of Sonar Gouranga is made up of gold. The priests inĀ  Gouranga Temple will ask you to contribute for offering prayers. And though you are not religious believer this Sonar Gouranga Temple attracts you through its serene beauty. Not only the beauty the Prasad which will be distributed in the afternoon will be delicious which is one more reason for devotees to visit the Gouranga temple.

There is no entry fee for the Sonar Gouranga Temple, and the cameras are strictly prohibited inside the Gouranga Temple. As per the hindhu rituals devotees should be well dressed and the shoes should be removed before entering to the temple.
Sonar Gauranga Temple is at Chakratritha which is very near by to the beach. As the Snoar temple is near by to the beach it is Not too well maintained even then the Temple attracts a lot of tourists every year. In Sonar Gouranga temple along with Lord Jagannatha, there are other gods like Balaram, Subhadra and also Sri Rama and other famous avatars of Lord Vishnu. Sonar temple is a venue for meditation for many devotees. Since it a very simple temple, it does not require too much time to be explored but it is a must visit when in Puri town at least because of the atmosphere.
Most popular time to visit the temple is at 2:00pm.

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