Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir Bidar

Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir Bidar
Temple Address
Malkapur Road ,Mangalpet, Bidar, Karnataka 585401
Temple overview

Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir Bidar is located in Bidar district of Karnataka, it is dedicated to the lord Narasimha(avatar of Lord Vishnu which is half Lion and half human) . Shri Jharni Narshima Mandir Bidar is also known as the cave temple, this temple is one of the adventurous Hindu Temple. The deity lord Narasimha in Jharni Temple is known as Swayambhu, the lord Narasimha took this avatar to kill the Demon Hiranyakashupu and Jalasura.
The history of Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir states that when Loed Narasimha killed the demon Jalasura, who lived in the cave and was the great devotee of lord Shiva during his last breadth requested lord Narsimha to stay in the cave and bless the devotees and jalasura took a form of water spring which flows through the feet of lord Narsimha. The Jharni Narsimha is believed to be most powerful god who fulfil the wishes of his devotees either personnel or business issues.
Shri Jharni Narsimha MandirĀ  Bidar will be opened all the days from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

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