Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem

Temple overview

Shri Shantadurga Temple is a Hindu temple. Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem is a temple belonging to Saraswat Temple(Goud Saraswat Brahmin community). From Panaji, the temple is 30 km (19 mi) at the foothill of Kavalem village in India, Ponda Taluka, Goa.
Spiritual head Of Shree Shantadurga Sansthan, Kavale is H.H.Shrimad Swamiji of ShriKavale Math.
For many Goud Saraswat Brahmin families (Saraswat Temple) Shree Shantadurga is the Kuldevi (family deity).
During the period from 1713 AD to 1738 AD, This current temple structure of Shree Shantadurga Devasthan was built by Naroram Rege Mantri. The temple completed its 450th year of existence on 4 December 2016.
The temple is dedicated to the goddess who mediates between Vishnu and Shiva, Shantadurga. ‘Santeri’ The deity is also called by this name colloquially. As the Purana(mythological story) talks of a battle between Shiva and Vishnu, The battle was so ferocious aggressiveness that the God Brahma prayed to Goddess Parvati to intervene, which she did in the form of Shantadurga. On her right hand of Shantadurga placed Vishnu and on her left hand Shiva and settled the fight.
Representing Vishnu and Shiva, one in each hand Shantadurga is holding two serpents.

Temple Timing