Savadatti Yelamma Temple

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Yellamma Gudda, Saundatti-Yellamma, Karnataka 591173
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Savadatti Yelamma is one of the ancient and oldest temples located in the top hill near Saundatti, Belgaum district, Karnataka, India. The temple is dedicated to goddess Shri Renuka Yellamma Devi. Yellamma Devi Temple is the most famous pilgrimage spot located in Yallammagudda Saundatti. The range of visitors usually goes 10 lakhs during the Yellamma Jatre, especially the one conducted during Margasira’s month. The Jatre is also famous for the Devadasi system practice of dedicated women. Yellamma Devi’s idol is carried out in procession during this Jatre, and she is worshiped as a goddess.


Yellamma Devi is known as Renuka Yellamma, the wife of Jamadhangi and the mother of Parashurama, whose stories have been published in Puranas. They worship the god as Renuka Devi. The Goddess Kali is identified with Yellamma Devi. Kali is a Punisher who ruins evildoers, but she is a kind mother who gives her devotees praise and gifts.


The temple is constructed by Bommappa Nayak in the year 1514. The shrine is constructed in a combination of Chalukyan and Rashtrakuta styles. Several temples devoted to Lord Ganesha, Lord Mallikarjun, Parshuram, Eknath, Siddeshwar are found in the Saundatti Yellamma Temple. Now at the present, the temple is managed or taken care of by the government.

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Address: Yellamma Gudda, Saundatti-Yellamma, Belgaum district, Karnataka 591173.

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