Mata Temple

Temple overview

Mata Temple which is popular known as the Karni Mata Mandir is located in Rajasthan, India. Mata Temple is famous for maintaining approximately 25,000 black rats, these are considered as the holy rats and are worshipped by the people. The rats in this temple is known as kabbas.
Among thousands of rats in Mata Temple, there are few white rats which are considered as especially holy. Those white rats are believed to be the form of Karni Mata and her sons, seeing those white rats and seeking their blessings is the main aim of the devotees, people will offer a sweet food(prasadha) to those rats.
Rats roam around in the Temple freely just like the human devotees and they are considered to be auspicious, the temple is built in Rajput style of architecture.
The Temple will be opened all the days in a week from 5:am to 10:00pm.

Temple Timing