Mahathobara Shree Mangaladevi Temple Managaluru

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Mahathobara Shree Mangaladevi Temple Managaluru is one of the Hindu temple. In Tulunadu, in the 10th century,the most famous king of Alupa Dynasty Kundavarma was ruling. Mangaluru was the capital of his kingdom. There came two sages from Nepal named Gorakanatha and Machhendranatha. They reached Mangalapura, crossing the river Nethravathi. The place were they crossed the river came to be known as ‘Gorakdandu’. They choosed a place near the bank of Nethravathi River which was once the centre of activities of sage Kapila. They had a museum there and it was a great centre of education.
As he Heard about the arrival of the two saints the king Kundavarma came to meet them. Introducing himself as the King of Tulunadu, Kundavarma and he paid them his respects and offered all help and patronage. He pleased the Saints with the virtues of the king they brought to his knowledge and humility that his kingdom was a holy place and it was sanctified by the activities in the past of holy saints and sages. The Saints Gorakanatha and Machhendranatha requested the king to grant them land so that they can build their museum and make it a centre of their religious activities under his patronage and protection.
Mangala Devi Stotram:
Om Jaya Devi Namasthubyam.
Jaya Bhaktha Varaprade.
Jaya Shankara Vamangee Mangale Sarva Mangale.

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All the days of the week:
Morning Time: 6.00am to 10.00pm
Afternoon Time:12.00pm to 1.00pm
Evening time: 4.00pm to 8.30pm

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