Koodli, Sangama Of Tunga Badhra Rivers, A Holy Place Around Shimoga

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Kudli, Karnataka 577227
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Entry route:

Bangalore -> Tumkur -> Gubbi -> Tiptur -> Arasikere -> Kadur -> Birur -> Tarikere -> Bhadravati -> Shimoga -> Tunga bhadra Koodli

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  • Historic Place
  • Spiritual


Koodli Sangama, Shimoga.





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Renukaprasad N B

What’s so special about this place?

Koodli a small village in Shimoga District, state of Karnataka is the place where two rivers the Tunga River and Bhadra River meet to give rise to the Tungabhadra River hence it is called koodli OR Sangama. This holy place has a historic value, with temples of near Hoysala time. There are Shasanas carved near the temples that indicate the era when they were built.

Often referred to as “Varanasi of the South” Koodali is famous for its cultural heritage and temples.
it’s religious and a good picnic spot

Along with few temples, there is 600 years old mutt of Shankaracharya(Advaita Philosophy) & another one is Akshobhya Tirtha Mutt (Dvaita Philosophy). http://www.kudalimutt.org/english/geographical_detail.htm
Koodli offers the best place to relax from your busy life along with a touch of religious feeling.

My journey experience:

We left Bangalore by my Esteem car at 11:30 PM with drizzling rain and reached Shimoga by 4 Am in the morning. After having a morning tea we headed towards Shivmoga->Channagiri->Chidradurga road to reach Holehonnur which is around 14kms. We rested at Holehonnur inside the car itself as we need to wait for the morning dawn to ask the people for the deviation point from the main road to Koodli which was towards left and about 3 km by avg type road. We had to use nature for nature calls as there was no toilet are bathrooms available near Sangama as this was completely an unplanned trip. We enjoyed the morning dawn at the point of Sangama of both the rivers and took a bath at the point of Sangama which is said to be the holiest thing. After the bath, we visited Rameshwara temple which was on the bank of those rivers and then had been to Shankracharaya mutt which had Sharadha temple and other small temples. The scenic view is good around the place with green paddy fields and tweaking birds sound is unforgettable. We were back to Shimoga by 9 AM and had breakfast followed by a back journey to Bangalore.

How to reach Koodli??

From Shimoga: It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach Koodli from Shimoga. Koodli lies on the Holehonnur – Channagiri Road from Shimoga. Plenty of government buses are available from Shimoga. All the buses that ply towards Chitradurga, Channagiri pass via Holehonnur. There are two options if you are traveling by bus – you can either get down at Holehonnur, take an auto to Koodli, which take about 10 minutes to reach, or you can get down at Koodli entrance and walk about 2 km inside to reach the fort.

From Bhadravati: There are buses available to Holehonnur. Holehonnur is about 14 km and from there you can take an auto to Koodli which is about 3 km distance. Travel time from Bhadravati to Koodli is 45 minutes to one hour.

My experience with this place:

We liked the cultural heritage and temples that too Rameshwara temple is a very good historical temple.
Unfortunately, the flow of water was very less in the river which made us spend very less time playing in the river. I think Sept-Oct will be the right time to visit. Karnataka tourism has overlooked this place and hence not many improvements seen but still, we see lots of crowds visiting this place. There are no good lodging facilities or toilet facilities available apart from the Shankaracharya mutt that too it should be booked in advance. http://www.kudalimutt.org/english/geographical_detail.htm

Tips or Suggestions:

1. Arrange the stay at Shimoga if you are planning to visit koodli in the early morning.
2. Sept-Oct would be the right time and can expect Nov-Dec also if rains are good that year.
3. Carry food & water if you are spending more time there.
4.Better to visit during the early morning and enjoy the Morning dawn at Sangama.
5. Temples are not always open, so plan and go either in morning or evening

Exit route:

Tunga Bhadra Koodli -> Shimoga -> Bhadravati -> Tarikere -> Birur -> Kadur -> Arasikere -> Tiptur -> Gubbi -> Tumkur -> Bangalore

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