Kondajji Temple, Lakshmi Varadharaja Swami, Allalanatha – Hassan, Karnataka, India

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Salagame Hobli, Kondajji, Karnataka 573219
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Kondajji, a village situated about 18 km from Hassan, is a place where we can find the 14th-century temple of Varadaraja Swamy, also called Allalanatha. Legend has it that this extraordinarily beautiful 11 feet tall Moorthi of Varadaraja, a form of Vishnu’s Janardana aspect, was on its way to Belur, for it to be enshrined at the Channakeshava temple complex. But the idol was more than the height that was ordered for Belur and it could not make it all the way into the temple at the right time and was apparently running the risk of being deserted. An old lady (Ajji, which means grandmother in Kannada) decided to buy(which means Konda in Kannada) the statue and establish it in a temple at that place, and hence, it is believed that the village got the name “Kondajji” (Konda + Ajji).

The above story is linked to the times of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana, Shantala & Ballala.

The temple does not carry any architecture apart from the Varadharaj statue alone which is the center of attraction witnessing Hoysala architecture.

Its made of black stone bearing Shanka, Chakra, Gadha and Abhaya Mudhra where the facial expression of the idol captures the vision of every visitor.

It is one of 24 avatars of Lord Vishnu.

A very unique thing here is on the right side of the chest of Lord Varadharaja you can find a small impression of lord Lakshmi where Lakshmi acquires the name as Shrenika. People can climb the loft to perform Abhisheka to the lord from the top. It’s worth visiting once and enjoy the glory of the village with Lord Varadharaj History.

How to Reach:                 

18Kms from Hassan, better to take the private vehicle, the Nearest landmark is MCF Hassan, Segegudda, Hagare is nearest villages around.

Salagame Hobli, Hassan Dst.

Route: Hassanàsalgameàhalebeeduàkondajji Kopplu

If you would like to perform pooja you can contact below:

 Priest / Pujari : Krishnamurthy – +91 9964485563

Trustee committee: Mohan Kumar – +91 97315098

The village people and temple trustees have planned to renovate the temple so anyone who would like to contribute for this can talk to the above contacts.



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