Kanchipuram Hails Big Crowd For Darshan Of Lord Athi Varadar

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It’s a festive delight in the town where pilgrims are having darshan of the Lord Athi Varadar from July 1st till August 17th of 2019 at Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram. Its 48 days of celebrations, the idol will be kept in a standing posture for most of the days and in sleeping posture for a few days during the span of celebrations.

Athi Varadar is one of the most important events that a person can witness the celebrations only once or twice in his life as it is celebrated once in 40 years. After 1979 we have witnessed this event this year 2019 and this will raise again only in 2059.

Athi Vardar one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu called Varadaraja who was worshiped by Brahma. This idol or Moorthi is carved out of a Fig tree wood called Athi which is considered to be very auspicious.

This was the initial or Mula-viagra worshiped in  Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Temple during the 16th century. Due to the Muslim invasion, the Athi Varadar viagra was immersed inside the Ananta Sarovar – the temple Pushkarani.

Its believed to be that  Brahma worshiped the Deity alone, Lord Vishnu tells Brahma that an opportunity to be given to others for worship as well. Similarly, Anantha Shesha said to be the eldest of snakes and bed of Vishnu was also given an opportunity to worship Vishnu, during his period of worship he allows the Deity to be worshiped by people on earth for 1 mandala i.e 48 Days around Sravana Masam. Later he is again immersed into the Pushkarani so-called Ananta Sarovar and again it takes 40 years for the turn to Anantha Shesha &  people on earth to worship the Vardar.

Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu is buzzing with millions of devotees from all over the world for the darshan of Sri Athi Vardar. Start from July 1st, 2019 initially the crowd was less but day by day it’s growing and it was said to have witnessed around 8 lakhs pilgrims per day on 7th July 2019.

Bus & Train connectivities are good. Pilgrim vehicles are restricted into the town. We need to park private vehicles 10 to 15 Kms away from the Kanchipuram town and take shared Autos or public transports.

The overall queue length for dharma darshan was 5 Kms on 7th July 2019

Average Dharma darshan time span was 10 to 11 Hrs

Special darshan or Paid darshan time span was 3 to 4 Hrs.

Book Special darshan 3-4 days before on https://tnhrce.gov.in

Due to a huge crowd, the temple timings have been extended and it just closes at 1 AM and again reopens at 4 AM.

Evening crowd will usually get darshan on the next day.

Crowd Management was very poor, there were very less essential services on the queue, people had to suffer without food and water as well as toilet facilities. Please be prepared yourself carrying light food and water in the queue.

Felt that the administration department did not expect this big crowd and was struggling to manage the crowd.

The police and associates were trying their best to handling the crowd.

It’s not advisable to take small kids or aged people in dharma darshan queue instead plan to buy special darshan tickets.

However, after darshan, it was felt very light and divine. Its really a good celebration being part of this event and be blessed by Athi Varadar where we can see him only once in 40 years.

Let’s keep our environment & nature more precise for good health and fortune for Athi Varadar darshan in 2019.

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