Halu Rameshwara Temple, Narasipura, Karnataka

Temple Address
Narasipura, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577527
Temple overview

Halurameshwara Kshetra is a tiny hamlet/village in Hosdurga Taluk, Karnataka State District of Chitradurga, India. It falls under the Panchayath kshetra of Halurameshwara. It belongs to the division of Bangalore. It is situated 60 KM south from the Chitradurga district headquarters. 191 KM from Bangalore State Capital.


It is believed that Vajramika Maharishi’s wife, Sudathi Devi Kashi, a diamond-shaped bracelet dedicated to Gange in Kashi, became a fad when it was found in the village. Knowing this, the Valmiki Maharishi settled down here and told Gange that Prasad Need was a blessing for the coming devotees.
The field where the milk-colored water originated was named Rameshwara by the name of the Rameshwara, which he named after the Milk Rameshwara. There is also an idol of Valmiki Maharishi’s wife, ‘Sudadevi Devi’, who caused the horn to appear in the field.
Prasada’s who come out of the Ganges should come to the temple and take a bath and then worship the Ganges. There you have to sit up. If their request is fulfilled, the fruits will come. If not, nothing will come of it. Or vice versa.
If one leaves the fruit of the fruit to another and takes it, the fruit goes into the water.

A good ominous object will appear. If his work is fulfilled, the cradle, Saligrama, idols, bananas, mustaches, coconuts, peanuts, billets come. If their request is not met, sesame, dare, stone, mud etc will come.
People from all parts of Karnataka and other states come to this area. They ask God whether their wish is to be worshiped in the Ganga pond. Upon seeing the various things floating on the pond like fruit, the priests there tell about it.

Where is this field?

Rameshwara Temple is located in the Hosurdurga Taluk in Chitradurga District. It is called mythology in mythology. There is a lighted monolithic pillar near the main entrance of the temple. The temple is built in the Dravidian style.

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