Guddapur Dhannama Devi Temple

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Guddapur, Maharashtra 416412
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Sharani Sri Danamma Devi was a follower of Jagajyothi Basavanna. Sharane Sri Danamma Devi is worshipped as Goddess Parvati’s avatar. And Danamma Devi is originally called as “Lingamma” was born to Anantaraya and Shirasamma in Maharashtra in a small city (grama) of “Umarani” in Jatta taluk which is 20 miles to the west of Bijapur district. Further, she went to Kalyana inspired by the culture of Lingayat worshipping god Shiva. Jagajyoti Basavanna promptly told her that you will be praised throughout the globe by the name ” Danamma Sharani”. After this Lingamma is popularly called as Danamma. She started helping or solving the problem of people in Kalyana. She moved to her family after Kalyana Kranti’s hometown, guiding her lives worshiping “LINGA”. She married to a devotee of Shiva called Sangamanatha. Both the married couples came to Guddapura to live their lives and helping people who are needy which means “DAANA”. Hence she got a name as “DANNA-AMMA”.

There is a temple in Shri Someshwaranath’s Guddapura where Danamma used to carry her usual customs and linga puja. Knowing the significance of some group individuals became followers of her and trusted her. She is known to make many miracles till today showing her presence those who believe her. She has always been a supporting side to citizens in difficulty, where there is her name, there is no state of hunger or issues she is recognized to be the incarnation(avatar) of goddess Parvati or Adishakti. She always encouraged people to follow GURU-LINGA-JANGAMA and offered Lingadiksha to praise lord shiva stating “Om Namaha Shivaya” mantra would guide us to a peaceful existence and soul. Each of her wonders is explained in 108 Namavali by practicing those, we get power, confidence, overcome our issues from Devi, Adishakti. Thousands of people worship Devi by visiting her temple satisfying their wishes, she has been also called “Varadani Danamma”. She later made a trip to Rameshwaram with her husband expanding the Vachanas and wisdom of Jagajyoti-Basavanna and building the temple. She went to Kambe town with her husband, the second rajadhiraja ruler of the Mandalik of Chola Raja went to learn about her miracles and praised her and took from her a Lingadiksha. One day after performing pooja with enjoyment, while spreading the prasad, she is considered to become Iykya in “LINGA.” Her corpse switched to an idol, the realm of Yadav’s Vamshas Mahadevarajas, it is renowned that Sainatha Mandalik constructed the temple of Danamma Devi.

Sri Danamma Devi has lakhs of followers from all over the globe who frequently attend Guddapura from the Jangam, Lingayat & Vishwakarma groups. Temples dedicated to the goddess Danamma temple can be discovered in Karnataka in Rabkavi, Haveri, Hubli, Belgaum, & Gokak, attracting thousands of tourists.

Address: Guddapur, Maharashtra 416412, India.

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