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Bhuleshwar Temple Maharashtra is a Hindu temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple situated almost 45 kilometers from Pune and from Pune Solapur highway and from Yawat it is around 10km. Bhuleshwar Temple Maharashtra was built in the 13th century and The temple is situated on a hill. The temple is Islamic from outside and appears more as a mosque than a temple due to its resemblance of a circular tomb and minarets, Bhuleshwar temple is unique as its architecture. The reason why the temple is having a unique design is said to be done to protect the temple from being destroyed by invaders. There are classical carvings on the walls, and it has been declared as a protected monument of the era.
The temple was built by Panch Pandavas, According to the Hindu mythological story. Also, another temple of king Bharata was built by the Pach Pandavas at Bhartgaon near Bhuleshwar temple. During the period of 1230 AD during Yadava Rulers, Jirnodhar of the Bhuleshwar temple is built. The fort on which the temple is situated also at times referred to as Mangalgad is called as Daulatmangal fort.

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