Akkara Kottiyoor Temple

Akkara Kottiyoor Temple
Temple overview

Akkara Kottiyoor Temple is a hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is worshiped all over the state of kerala. Akkara Kottiyoor Temple is located in Kannur district, Kerala, India. since the ancient time the temple was named by Vadakkeshwaram Temple. Thus some of the localiest call by the name of Ikkare Kottiyoor as it is in the bank of the Bavali river which is close the village Kottiyoor.

Akkara Kottiyoor Temple Shrine is blessed with the divine presence of the Holy Trinity or basically called as the Trimurthy. The Trimurthy which are Brahma ,Vishnu , Shiva and the mother goddess Bhagavathy.

Vaisakha Maholsavam is a Special Ritual  performed every year at Akkara Kottiyoor Temple.

Vaisakha Maholsavam dates and Timings :

Date Rituals
22-may Neerezhunnallathu
27-may Neyattam
28-may Bhandaram Ezhunnallathu
4-june Thiruvonam Aradhana
5-june Ilaneer Veypu
6-june Ashtami Aradhana, Ilaneerattam
9-june Revathi Aradhana
13-june Rohini Aradhana
15-june Thiruvathira Chathussatham
16-june Punartham Chathussatham
17-june Aayilyam Chathussatham
18-june Makam Kalam Varavu
21-june Atham Chathussatham, Valattam, Kalasa Pooja
22-june Thrukkalassattu

Temple Timing