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Our oil lamp parts and accessories line reflects over 50 years of experience in the business of antiquated lamp parts. In the early 1950s, Paul O. Barnes and his father Lawson H. Barnes (see About Us) started a company in their home basement to provide parts for family heirloom lamps that needed shades, chimneys, and antique oil lamp burners” “electrified. Their experience working with antique lamps of all ages and from all manufacturing industries has given them valuable insight into the supplies needed for historically correct, antique lamp repair and lamp restoration.

We started in the 1950s when kerosene lamps became popular, and newly increasing electricity. Electrical adapters were among our first items to turn kerosene lamps into electricity, and we still have them today. To keep your new electrical or traditional kerosene lamps brightly burning, please check our complete lines of student replacement glass shades, chandelier crystals, electrical cable components, and Aladdin lamp pieces.

Oil LAMP Burner/Chimney Holders Lamplight Farms Style

Oil LAMP Burner

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Such lamp burners are NOT for openings to the mason jarhead, but they can still be placed on a regular mason jar lid. And for that matter ANY cover. USE A 1-1/4 “HOLE SAW (32 mm) to punch a hole in the top of whatever cloth you want to mount it to, and it will work great. In the pictures you see a” Classico “spaghetti sauce jar cloth punching a hole through it, and the lap burner fixed by removing the collar — thread the wick through the jar cloth — then re-attach the collar as though it were a nut, bolting the cloth.

Works well with the B00MSWEZTK (“WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING 83062 Clear Patch Shade, 7-1/2-Inch”). I think the 8-inch shades are too tall and heavy to top. Wick burns well and goes well enough up and down. Construction overall is the kind of standard that we have come to expect from overseas. Shade mounts can be loose but they can easily fold in to hold them more tightly.

Key Features

  • These brand new Oil Lamp Burners feature bright brass plated finish, cotton wick 3/4 “long and side adjustment knob.
  • These burners keep standard 3 “diameter bottom glass fitter chimneys. The fitting collar fits standard No. 2 threads and has an inside diameter of 1-3/4”
  • If required, the bottom collar can also unscrew (see last picture above) and you will have male threads 1-3/16 “in diameter when you take off that collar.
  • Such burners often have a side knob to lift the wick to the desired level or lower it.
  • Set of 5

Lamplight Chamber Oil Lamp

Oil lamp

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The Lamplight 110 Chamber Lamp is a practical, cozy light for mood lighting, emergency use, or daily lighting after dark, if you live like I did as a kid.

The components of a normal, flat-stick table lamp are the fount (the base where the fuel is stored), the burner (the metal component in the middle where the stick is held), the adjustable knob (the protrusion you can’t see in the stock picture that controls the wick’s height), the wick (the woven cotton designed to extract kerosene from the fountain to be burned at the top) and the chimney (the glass b).

Key Features

  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Burns for up to 25 hours
  • Holds 12 -an ounce of fuel
  • Included (one burner and one chimney)

Holy Land Market Brass Oil Lamp

Brass Oil Lamp

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A very special Burner of high quality to your church or building. To be used as an oil burner, you first need to put some water in the Burner and then Oil-standard oil, light and not heavy oil like olive oil. You later add a wick with wax, or another piece of burning if you have it, and light it up. A great complement to your valued pieces. This will carry you into a new level of contemplation and adoration. May you be rewarded forever. This Burner already comes with Wicks and needed Floating Cork to start using this burner.

Key Features

  • A very special Burner of high quality to your church or building.
  • This Burner already comes with Wicks and needed Floating Cork to start using this burner.
  • It comes direct from Jerusalem, later delivered to our MN store.
  • Used in Churches and Houses in front of Icons and Holy items of worship
  • 21 cm standing .. 8 Inches

Greek Christian Orthodox Vigil Lamp

Vigil Lamp

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Good quality Brass Vigil Lamp (Kandili) stand/table. A truly stunning, hand-carved lamp with pleasant details. Throughout the Christian Orthodox tradition, it is placed at iconostasis or a prayer corner in front of the Holy Icons. Height: 21 cm / 8.26

Key Features

  • Votive Cup Glass included
  • Height: 21cm / 8.26inches
  • Nice hand-carved details
  • A fine addition to your prayer corner
  • Beautiful Christian Gift

Purism Style- 4″ Height Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Lantern

Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp

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Vintage Purism Paraffin (Kerosene) type lamp. Chimney Material: Glass / Color: Clear; Burner Material: Metal (Gold); Glass / Color: Amber / Green / Blue. Size: Bottom dia 40 mm x 100 mm Height, All Handmade Pieces The majority of antique decorative lamps burn oil-based on paraffin, a petroleum mineral oil. The wick’s top runs through a metal collar, and a knob at the side allows adjustment of the wick’s height above the collar to make the flame bigger or smaller, or when the lamp is lighted. The oil is also colored or scented. Here are ideas for a romantic lamp design with a chic and retro look. This stylish lamp could be a perfect gift for your special person. This romantic lamp is also really popular for making your interior decoration look comfortable and stylish. Distribution by Hong Kong Post (air parcel), distribution lead time: 7-10 working days roughly.

Key Features

  • Glass
  • Imported
  • Antique style oil lamp great to offer a classic look of the turn of the century
  • Nice Lamp (3 pcs set), All Hand Made from Glass & Best Quality
  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Kerosene lantern stands 4″ tall with a glass chimney.

Lamplight Replacement Oil Lamp Chimney Oil Lamp

Lamp Chimney Oil Lamp

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Whether you are using an oil lamp for daily lighting or relying on one for household emergency purposes, a Lamplight Flaretop Chimney Replacement will keep your lamp burning bright. This high-quality, 8.5-inch high glass chimney has a three-inch bottom opening to match most 3 “diameter burners large oil lamps. The streamlined architecture helps regulate the airflow within the chimney to boost the characteristics of the flame and reduce flicking. Using oil lamps using Lamplight Ultra-Pure, or Medallion Lamp Oil, for best results. Lamps and lamp oil sold individually.

Key Features

  • 3” bottom opening fits most large size oil lamps
  • Size: 8.5” H
  • Using with Lamplight Ultra-Pure or Medallion Lamp Oil for better performance
  • For oil lamp use only

Aventador Handmade Brass Indian Puja Oil Lamp

Golden Diya Lamp

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Avador Handmade Indian Puja Oil Lamp for Diwali Pooja, Golden Diya Lamp Etched Template Diya (Kuber Tortoise Set of 4)

Key Features

  • For centuries this traditional Diya style was used for Diwali and Home Puja
  • Ideal Sized
  • Handmade by experienced and passionate professional craftsmen.
  • MADE TO LAST Constructed out of premium brass to serve as a permanent decoration

TIKI 6-Inch Molded Glass Table Torch

Glass Table Torch

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Few things are as fun as enjoying meals outside with family and friends. Next time you’re dining al fresco, gather around your table to witness the warm glow of the natural flaming fire. A TIKI Brand Molded Glass Tabletop Torch is a fine centerpiece for lighting your table and talking. Put more than one together to create a stunning focal point or to use the tables around your yard or patio individually as colorful accents. When used with TIKI Brand Torch Fuel, each 12-ounce fill delivers up to 5 hours burn time. The sleek nature of these table torches looks great with every decor theme, available in Rio Red, Key Lime Green and Ocean Blue glass (sold as a package, one of every color). TIKIBrand Molded Glass Tabletop Torches are sold separately and come with a 6-inch high glass pot, a long-lasting fiberglass wick, and a metal snuffer at the end of the night to extinguish the flames. TIKI Torch Fuel brand sold separately.

Key Features

  • This collection of table torches is made of textured, molded glass and comes in 3 vivid colors: red, green and blue. The smart, compact design would look fantastic when used with TIKI Brand torch fuel, with any decor. Best style.
  • Band them together to create a stunning backdrop or use them as colorful decorations around your yard or patio, individually. Each 12-ounce filling provides up to five hours of burn time
  • With our simple to use, long-lasting TIKI items, built in a wide variety of styles to fit any yard, greenhouse, lawn, patio or porch, we will help you build an outdoor paradise
  • We are continuing to innovate outdoor lighting with trendy designs and products such as our mosquito repellent torch petrol, flammable Table Torches & Citronella candle seals

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil, Milk, and Honey, 2.5 Ounce

Cuccio Revitalize

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Manicure Cuticle Revitalizing Oil conditions and nourishing the cuticles, adding to your manicure services a requisite soft contact. Honey soothes and moisturizes naturally, while milk lactic acid refreshes and strengthens the skin. Revitalizing Milk & Honey Cuticula Oil is most effective when used with the rest of the Milk & Honey line.

Key Features

  • The complex blend of oils and vitamins
  • Nourishes moisturizes and protects cuticles and nails
  • Unique, natural oil

eSplanade – Krishna Wall Hanging Brass Diya with Bells

Hanging Brass Diya

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This beautiful Peacock Diya lights up your house. This golden-colored diya set is made from quality brass material and features a peacock inside a traditional Diya. People light up these wick lamps for Gods they worship performing aarti. They are also used as Diwali lights in the dark Amavasya season when homes are all lit up. There’s always a beautiful pacifier lying on each table. The set of lamps comes with a hanging chain. This is a sturdy piece of collectible figurine art, made in brass, that you will be able to have at home. Donate this beautiful Diya package to your loved ones for special occasions!

Key Features

  • Premium grade Handcrafted Brass Peacock Hanging Diya / Oil Lamp Package of 2 100% Solid Brass Lamp/ Brass Diya-Hanging Wall
  • The lamp is made using Brass only, the minute details on the lamp are all hand-carved. This Lamp is built for wall mounting, which will accentuate your Home look and sound.
  • Pair Of diya / lamp symbolizes being holy, luminous, cleansing of the aura, etc. It looks nice too and gives an impression of a rich heritage.
  • Dimensions (each Diya): Length: 2.5 inches (6.2 cm), width: 2.5 inches (6.2 cm), height: 3.5 inches (8.7 cm) and 11 inches (27.5 cm) of chain duration. Package Comprises: 2 Modern Indian Brass Hanging Diya units

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Final Thoughts

Just soft lighting in the garden or on the balcony provides the perfect ambiance on a balmy summer evening. Oil lamps and candles emit a very warm light, but when it’s windy they often burn in contrast to the waxy light sources. For thousands of years, the lamps fuelled with oil were one of the main sources of artificial illumination. The oil lamp may today be packed with a wide range of aromatic oils, providing the perfect atmosphere in the garden or on the balcony. Designers placed oil and wick together in a wide range of coverings. Explore various oil lamps.

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